Hugo Canoilas inaugura "The sun in darkness"
Galeria Weingrüll, Karlsruhe, Alemanha
The sun in darkness

The sun in darkness é uma exposição individual de Hugo Canoilas, a inaugurar no próximo dia 02 de Abril, às 19 horas, na Galeria Weingrüll, Karlsruhe, Alemanha.

The sun in darkness

And left

Earth together

deafn’d & cold


in vain they shrink together

remaining down

desolated places

built & swept

Living together

a man and their eyes,

heavens hypocrisy infection

weak grindings & torments

Ay ages long ago!

Now, those cities

of religion

knotted in the brain

Like embryos

with wings of fire

a soul stretched

throughout the cold & dim

sorrowing soul


behind me

pain & woe

The wind

upon death

one moment

no flesh

no sons and daughter

First begotten

immense cracks

parch’d with heat

Heat howling laments

his own

existence appeared

myriads of science

mischievously ahead

Fire lightning pillars

round the void

His journey his dens

Wilderness compassing

the abyss weight

weigh beneath

Hunger summons

the shadow

Sleeping in jealousy

Form’d by day

again a girdle

Corpses were flames,

aiming, stroking

gloomy visions

cries casting

scales coil'd

Rock the mountain

twain by day

in sobbings again!

He grew a womb

the beast cries

sharp pangs,



Eternity eternity

two lines of happiness

fade in her face

I saw the female,

he embraced her

his own divided image

a provisory miracle

follow’d delight

Remote sights

stretch’d beneath

darkened image divided

For some there was void

for others blood

the nerves of night

& its cliffs

became black

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