Galeria Quadrado Azul represents Portuguese and foreign artists, established names of current art scene, as well as young artists. Born in 1986 in Porto, the gallery was one of the first commercial exhibition spaces in the city, emerging from the interest for modern and contemporary art by Manuel Ulisses, art collector since the 60s. Its name comes from the futuristic work K4 O Quadrado Azul, published in 1917 by Almada Negreiros, together with Amadeo de Souza Cardoso.

Representing especially new artists coming from the Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto (faculty of fine arts), the gallery held a large number of determinant exhibitions to the Portuguese context, in the first decade of its activity. A good example is the exhibition dedicated to the Spanish artist Antoni Tàpies, in September 1987, first time ever the artist's work was shown in a Portuguese commercial gallery. A year after, it  happened As dez receitas para a imortalidade, with works by Salvador Dalí. 

Álvaro Lapa, Albert Gonzalo, Alberto Carneiro, Ana León, Ângelo de Sousa, Anton Lamazares, Antoni Clavé, Bruno Pacheco, Carlos Velilla, Carlos Vidal, Corneille, Eduardo Arroyo, Eva Lootz, Fernando Lanhas, Fernando Távora, Ignasis Rosés, Jorge Queiroz, Leonel Moura, Lindström, Marta Seixas, Miguel Palma, M. P. e M. P. Rosado, Nadir Afonso, Picasso, Robert Schad, Rui Patacho, Susana Solano, Viladecans, João Queiroz and Artur Barrio have been some of the protagonists of the history of Quadrado Azul.

In 2006, the gallery opened another space, in Lisbon, expanding the possibilities of exhibition and achieving a greater diversity of public, and now it’s time to pay attention to new tendencies and to the intersection of different disciplines.

  • Galeria Quadrado Azul, Porto

    Rua Miguel Bombarda, 553

    4050-383 Porto, Portugal

    tel +351 22 609 73 13

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    email porto@quadradoazul.pt

    opening hours 3–7pm (mon to sat)

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  • Galeria Quadrado Azul, Lisboa

    Rua Reinaldo Ferreira, 20-A

    1700-323 Lisboa, Portugal

    tel +351 21 347 62 80

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    email lisboa@quadradoazul.pt

    opening hours 2–7pm (tues to saturday) 

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Manuel Ulisses – Director manuelulisses@quadradoazul.pt

Gustavo Carneiro – Director gustavocarneiro@quadradoazul.pt

Maria Beatriz Marquilhas – Press imprensa@quadradoazul.pt

Maria Beatriz Marquilhas – Assistant Lisboa lisboa@quadradoazul.pt

Inês Portugal - Assistant Porto porto@quadradoazul.pt