Memorial 1923-2012
Fernando Lanhas

Fernando Lanhas would be 89 years old today. His thinking was made of constellations, dreams of levitation, fossils, sands. A necessary exercise for the understanding of the origins of the world and the time remaining.  Attentive to geometry and its mutations, he sought the rigour of the line, and the doubt which born from speculation. His abstraction was always close to heaven – and the stars –, the sea, the pebbles and the music. Art of intimacy, cosmological, mystical: unique in the context of the Portuguese art of the last century. A painting of spheres, celestial, alchemical: the exact correspondence between the low and the high. As the artist said:  “I do not want to invent, i do not do nothing for nothing. I do not know where to look for, because if we make a portrait, a representation, this is another thing. Man knows very little about himself. We have a great accumulation of knowledge, what we most have is knowledge and what we most suffer is from ignorance.”

Memorial with never published pictures of the artist.