André and Sara
Arlindo Silva

Dear André and Sara,

If the sun perhaps exploded we would realize it eight minutes after, because this is the time that the light takes to travel to us. If this tragedy occurred overnight we wouldn’t notice, unless by the silent erasure of the moon. Then I remembered that the sky could be cloudy or even that there could be a new moon. Well, for some of us there would certainly be a final image. What would the last sunset be like? And the last sunrise? It would always feel too unexpected for the farewell.
We met in Oporto 8 years ago and this was the required time to finally portray you.
See you Thursday!


Arlindo Silva born in 1974, in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. Lives and works in Porto, Portugal.
The work of Arlindo Silva has been based on the capture of instants from the everyday life, through a very particular process: each moment is registered in photography, and then converted into an image carefully painted. The transference from the photography to the painting is the process which brings other extent to the notion of instantaneous.
The subjects of the artist, who also works with the drawing, are concentrated in situations from his personal life, with family and friends. Besides the affective dimension in the act of rescuing these moments from forgetfulness, the painting presents an experience of reality and an individual vision of the world.
These are works which also give a testimony of a specific artistic context, lived by the artist himself: the Porto’s art scene in the last ten years. Almost all the portrayed are artists working in the city and graduated from the Faculdade de Belas Artes (Faculty of Fine Arts), at the beginning of the last decade.

André and Sara, 2014