Singbarer Echo
Pedro Tropa

On March 27th, at 10 pm will take place at Quadrado Azul Gallery in Lisbon, the latest solo exhibition of Pedro Tropa - Singbarer Echo.
The exhibition presents black-and-white photographs produced between 2013 and 2014.
At the opening will also be launched the book Singbarer Echo with texts by Pedro Tropa.

Pedro Tropa born in 1973, in Santarém, Portugal. Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.
The work of Pedro Tropa talks above all about landscape and is intimately related with the experience of the mountain. Its origins are experiences in altitude, including exercises of hiking, climbing, and confrontation with the terrain hardness and with the air rarefaction in places like Himalayas, Alps, Galayos or Monte Rosa.
Beginning his artistic activity in the early 90s creating video films, Pedro Tropa has focused over time in photography. More recently, also appears the drawing. Photography and drawing participate in his journeys and emerge from the necessity of fixing moments: a glimpse of something between the fog and a change in weather.
Two moments coexist in the work process of the artist. First, the moment of experiencing the mountain, perceived as a preparation for drawing and for photography. And the time of the drawing, now in the studio, a process in which memory intervenes.

Singbarer Echo, 2014 
Singbarer Echo, (installation view), 2014 
Singbarer Echo, (installation view), 2014 
Singbarer Echo, (installation view), 2014 
Singbarer Echo, (installation view), 2014