Make do
Paulo Nozolino

Make do is the title of the next exhibition that Paulo Nozolino will open at Galeria Quadrado Azul in Lisbon on the October 1st at 10 pm.

There are no accidents in Paulo Nozolino’s work. Not even in a work where the subject of his gaze is exclusively the woman. Consistent body of images, “Make do” evolves from 1974 until 2013 and reflects a growing path in the dramatization of moments and meetings, following the artist's maturity and the definition of his positioning in the photography universe.
Paving the way for strong ideological criteria, here are revealed accurate visual cues shaping personal and political convictions. Nothing is fiction.
Enigmatic, cryptic, sensual, aggressive, beautiful, all the photos now gathered claim life and eternity in a speech bathed by a disturbing and unsettling serenity.

The exhibition can be visited until the December 24th.