Fernando Lanhas

Having developed his studies in architecture,

Lanhas understands the geometry of the world *

On the January 21st, Galeria Quadrado Azul opens an exhibition that celebrates space and time. Quadrado Azul invites to revisit the work of an artist who, being also an architect, inaugurated a unique vision of spatiality and started a pioneer incursion on abstractionism in Portugal. Fernando Lanhas’ (1923-2012) presence in the gallery is as old as its own foundation. But for metamorphoses reveal and renew what persists, we invite you to dwell, once more, those spaces that Fernando Lanhas’ painting creates.   

Under the curatorial guidance of Lúcia Matos, the exhibition will show works developed by Fernando Lanhas during the 60’s. Some of these works were presented at Venice Biennale in 1960 and at the 6th edition of São Paulo Art Biennial in 1961 where the artist participated. The exhibition will also include some late works, dated from the artist’s last years of life.

* Fernandes, João, «Um pouco todos sabemos». In: A.A.V.V. – FernandoLanhas. Porto: Edições Asa; Fundação de Serralves, 2001, p. 14.