To the artist, painting is a means to establish an order in a disorderly system. Negentropy is the revealer of entropy, from the moment when disorder is observed and interpreted, to thereby discover an order in a system. It is through this dialectic opposition between entropy, which is disorder, and negative entropy that the artist finds a new order. The artist searches a subjective and psychological interpretation to this nature and human existence's paradox, presenting several scenarios of Man in space and time, reflecting an interpretative sense to the observer. His paintings awake this paradox, in which entropy and negentropy inhabit the same space and time. A snapshot of his existence and a mirror of his life and death.


Não quero a complacência da desordem.
E se sou líquida como é líquido o informe,
Antes sou gotas de mercúrio do termómetro
quebrado – líquido metal que se
faz círculo cheio de si e igual a si
mesmo no centro e na superfície,
prata que tomba e não derrama,
liquidez sem humidade.

Clarice Lispector 

Amaral's work's essence is the physical revelation of memory's colour and of how images present themselves compressed, engraved and summarized. His working process usually comes from a dark matter which fills the canvas in its totality where the artist, through the subtraction of matter, searches for the hidden light. This long exposure of the ink's subtraction and the several confrontations between the dark matter and the canvas' white produces the image's revelation. The several shades or chromatic gradations of grey and cobalt blue are also a characteristic of Amaral's work. His works take us to dark states of mind, by representing people in limit situations, awakening a voyeuristic, distant and isolated gaze in the spectator, which leads us to scenarios where time is continuous. In his themes, the artist touches various fields of knowledge, exploring philosophical, historical, political and social topics, among others. A closer relationship with the environment, the house and the surrounding objects is also part of the work. In his paintings, isolation scenarios and strong psychological density are represented. The works lead us to experience landscapes or enigmatic expressions that correspond to dramatic representations of the society we are in and where the intensity of those aesthetic feelings are visible or interpretable. The artists as a creator reflects his ideas in the representations he engenders, through thought and imagination, linking them with his individual and collective life, experienced in pragmatic and semantic contexts.