The Age of Stone
Ana Vaz

Opening: 17 January, 10 pm

"As artificial as the world must have been when it was created."

A voyage into the far west of Brazil leads us to a monumental structure - petrified at the centre of the savannah. Inspired by the epic construction of the city of Brasília, the film uses this history to imagine it otherwise. "I look at Brasília the way I look at Rome : Brasília began with a final simplification of ruins". Through the geological traces that lead us to this fictive monument, the film unearths a history of exploration, prophecy and myth.

"A journey into unknown territory in Brazil leads us to discover a monumental structure and immerses us in the forms and texture of stone. This film, inspired by the construction of the country’s modern capital, is a science-fiction documentary, an astonishing object standing between the cinema of Glauber Rocha and the visual arts. A visionary vertigo that will take your breath away."
Visions du Réel, 2014.

2013 | 29' | 16mm/HD | color | 5.1 sound

Produced by Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains
Co-produced by Gabinete de Criação, Fabrika Filmes

New York Film Festival - Views from the Avant Garde, New York, United States, 2013
Visions du Réel, International Competition, Nyon, Switzerland, 2014
Media City Film Festival, International Competition, Windsor, Canada, 2014
Images Festival, Double Nature, Toronto, Canada
Femina Internaitonal Film Festival, Special Jury Prize, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014
Museum of the Republic, Brasília, Brazil, 2014