Light, Blaze, Fulgor — Auguries for a Non-hierarchical Framing and Flourishing
Sílvia das Fadas

30 March 2019
sessions: 4pm | 6pm 

The Grotto | Collective project
Galeria Quadrado Azul, Lisbon

Stubbornly looking at the ruins of a commune I search for augurs. For instance: “Fair weather for drifters.” I wander by foot across times, erratically shooting images and recording sounds through the kaleidoscopic spatiality of Alentejo, a region named after a river, beyond a river. As walking offers unexpected encounters and co-presences, missives are sent to and from the margins. For instance: “growing organs for the alternative.” My senses are partial, precarious and fragmentary, but not my orientation: There is an everyday struggle for the fulgor being fought and I want to be in it. Against a firmament of dispossession of land, bodies and social bonds, we are getting ready. For instance: “On the level!” The fulgor is mobile, the prefigured community dispersed and diverse. Through dissent and associations of affinity, autonomy and re-enchantment, the offer of cinema could be to let us flourish on non-hierarchical frames.

Sílvia das Fadas  


Oscillating between the material interventions in the Grotto, which leave traces that accumulate within the development of the work, works are presented of a more ephemeral character, in the form of film projections, videos, music sessions, conversations, readings or performances.
The first of these sessions is developed by Sílvia das Fadas, and will take place on March 30 in the space of The Grotto, in the basement of the gallery Quadrado Azul, in Lisbon.Sílvia das Fadas will present two 16mm film projections, with recorded music and a reading of a text. Each session will last approximately 40 minutes and only two sessions will be held - at 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.Reservations are compulsory due to the size of the cave.

Light, Blaze, Fulgor — Auguries for a Non-hierarchical Framing and Flourishing16mm film and text by Sílvia das Fadas (Et al.)Compositions by pä (pä 2015/2018 volume one)Duration: circa 40 min.Reservations: lisboa@quadradoazul.pt

Sílvia das Fadas (born as Sílvia Salgueiro) is a filmmaker, a researcher, a teacher, a wanderer. She studied cinema and aesthetics, committing herself to the material learning of film at The Portuguese Moving Image Archive (ANIM) and the Portuguese Cinematheque in Lisbon. Driven by a militant nostalgia, she moved to Los Angeles where she continued to craft her personal films in 16 mm, at the California Institute of the Arts. She worked as a visual history researcher for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and collaborated with Los Angeles Filmforum until her visa expired and she moved to Vienna in search of a lively film culture. There she worked as a film projectionist for the Austrian Film Museum, while teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where she is currently a participant in the Ph.D. in Practice program. She is the recipient of a Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian/FLAD Scholarship, a CalArts School of Film/Video Scholarship, a FCT Doctoral Fellowship, and an Akademie Schloss Solitude Fellowship. Her 16mm films have been shown at innumerous festivals, cinematheques and minor cinemas. She is interested in the politics intrinsic to cinematic practices and in cinema as a way of being together in restlessness and brokenness.