Like a Natural Recorder
Musa paradisiaca

Opening: 11 May, 4 pm
The Grotto | Collective project
Galeria Quadrado Azul, Lisbon

Musa paradisiaca’ s session at the Grotto opens with a flashing glimpse at a set of conversable objects. Followed by a gathering of voices that summon each other from a distance until converging into a chorus of discursive exiles, this session renders settlements and unsettlements in a hearing that addresses to the sense of belonging.

How to catch a fugitive, 2013–2019
Wooden objects, variable dimensions
Musa paradisiaca with Tomé Coelho
Souls’ commission, 2013
Sound piece, 14’45’’
Musa paradisiaca with Henry Cronje, João Mota, Maria Filomena Molder and Nicolau Lavres