Trabalho de Inverno
Pedro Tropa, João Pimenta Gomes, Teresa Santos

Pedro Tropa, João Pimenta Gomes e Teresa Santos

4 June | 9 - 10.30 PM

5 June | 6 - 8.30 PM

Trabalho de Inverno is a performative sound piece. Its base are three stone instruments (lithophones) - a reconfiguration of the archaic stone mills, which uses the strenght and weight of two hard stones - one which is stationary and another that crashes. The resulting sound of the stones movements is amplified and shaped electronically. When played simultaneously, the three lithophones create a multitude of harmonies and dissonances that turn into a succession of long, mechanical, sonorous cycles.

The room occupancy is limited to 8 people at a time, for periods of 15 minutes.

With the support of OSSO and ADDAC System.