The idea of returning
Luísa Jacinto

Quadrado Azul Gallery is pleased to present The idea of returning, an exhibition by Luísa Jacinto.  

Opening | May 12 | 4-8 PM 

The idea of returning is an exhibition that can be understood as an essay on painting and how it can problematize its gesture, and therefore the body, in two sequential moments: in its precedence and in its absence. Luísa Jacinto confronts us with surfaces, processes, and devices that, without intending to inventory the mechanisms of perception, develop different visual relations in the space and time that the viewer is subject to in the presence of the artworks. The title, of poetic and literary nature, refers to an idea of transience as a speculative moment, and therefore dialectic, that unfolds between possibility and memory. In this process, there’s a procedure that interposes, without becoming an opposition, the gesture which draws and grounds the pictorial matters on the construction of a balanced chromatic pallet, and in its most radical expression, subjects the pictorial  image to a mechanical sweep that deconstructs the thickness of the paint on canvas into translucent screens, like veils that receive the image without the gesture confirming its sediment. Those screens, like windows, seem to transit, to pass on or go through, as if the viewer was in a time capsule. Even if only for a brief moment, facing the painting surface or going through it into the unfolding of the space where we find ourselves. In, within, and out of the frame.

João Silvério 

I was never the same II, 2022. Acrylic on cotton. 185 x 140 cm