Paulo Nozolino

Opening | 15th September| 10 PM
"Oracle" is Paulo Nozolino's latest work. After the acclaimed exhibition "Le reste est ombre", at the Georges Pompidou Center, in Paris, alongside Pedro Costa and Rui Chafes, which took place between June and August, the photographer returns to Lisbon after a seven-year break.

If "Loaded Shine", Nozolino’s previous work, was based on a closed plane, even asphyxiating, where man struggles with the destruction of his own space and humanity walks in the opposite direction of the sun, "Oracle" grows in the opposite way, pointing to a journey as spiritual as it is profane, based on a return to the origins of a classical and prophetic Europe. Nozolino brings together works that span time from 2013 to 2020 and pass through places like Naples, Sicily, or Buenos Aires to challenge us with that which questions the human being: his ability to be on earth and in heaven, to be mortal and to be eternal, power and counterpower. The duality that leads to the search that will always be knowledge, but also temperament. The journey, because there is always a journey in Nozolino, is no longer to ruin, it goes straight to construction. With no point of arrival other than the present, it departs from that Ancient Greece, where everything was learned.

Oracle . Paulo Nozolino, Agrigento, 2019. Silver gelatin prints on aluminium, Ed.3. 120 x 80 cm