Artists at ARCOMadrid
Isabel Carvalho, Paulo Nozolino, Luísa Jacinto, Francisco Tropa, Hugo Canoilas, Pedro Tropa

Opening | 18th march | 4 pm
An exhibition composed by works from artists who participated in the last edition of the international contemporary art fair 
ARCOMadrid, which happened in February 2023. The show presents works by: Hugo Canoilas, Isabel Carvalho, Luísa Jacinto, Paulo Nozolino, Francisco Tropa e Pedro Tropa

Hugo Canoilas, Who wants to live in a world that is not quite alive, 2015-2020. High flow acrylic on linen. 195 x 160 cm 
Pedro Tropa, . Graphite on paper 
Francisco Tropa, Horizonte artificial, 2014. Bronze, painted aluminium, mirror, wood box and print. 30 x 30 x 10 cm 
Luísa Jacinto, Durante, 2023. India ink, acrylic, spray, oil pastel and embroidery on cotton 
Isabel Carvalho, Vector 4. variantes de decomposição dos mecanismos de censura (AÇAIMES): RUÍDO, 2019. Clay, black acrylic spray and glass paints. 100 x 60 cm (each) 
Luísa Jacinto, A ideia de voltar, 2022. Acrylic, spray and pigments on different fabrics. 70 x 55 cm (each)