Itinerary and Transmission
Pedro Tropa
Sérgio Mah (curator)

Opening | 20th May | 4 pm 

Since the beginning of his artistic career in the mid-1990s, Pedro Tropa's creative work has favoured themes immanent to the experience and perception of landscape. The experience of concrete or archetypical places (for their poetic or symbolic resonances, like the mountain, the lagoon, the island), the sensations of the body in face of certain topographic and meteorological conditions, or simply the dynamics that the gaze incorporates before certain territories, have been insistently reconfigured by the artist through the testimonial observation provided by photography or through a drawing practice, developed in the atelier space, that articulates the specificities of this creative process with the memory of places.

In recent years, Pedro Tropa's work has extended to other means of expression, such as sculpture, poetry and sound. In this context, it is worth highlighting the use of sound, conceived not only as a medium, but fundamentally as a vast area of subjects, ideas and images, through which the artist devises countless and fruitful aesthetic and speculative combinations between different media and the themes of the landscape. Itinerary and Transmission presents for the first time a vast set of drawings and objects around the experience of sound.

Sérgio Mah

The exhibition ends on july 29th.