Group Show
Rigo 23, Paulo Nozolino, Luísa Jacinto, Titania Seidl, Francisco Tropa, Hugo Canoilas, Pedro Tropa

This Group Exhibition presents works by the following artists: Francisco Tropa, Hugo Canoilas, Luísa Jacinto, Paulo Nozolino, Pedro Tropa, Rigo 23, Titania Seidl and will be open until July 31st.

Rigo 23 / Programa Espacial Autónomo Inter Galáctico, Viva lo Pueblo sem Resistencia, 2012. Embroidery on canvas with Zapatista Movement embroidery. 280 x 240 cm 
Titania Seidl, Tracing your body through representations, 2019. Watercolor and oil on paper. 200 x 100 cm 
Pedro Tropa, Desenhos fonográficos. Colored pencils on paper 
Francisco Tropa, Chas, 2018. Wood, sand and brass + photographs mounted on screen-printed background