Alexandre Estrela at Centro da Memória
Centro da Memória, Vila do Conde, Portugal
2012 Odisseia Kubrick

Círculo Solar is a work by Alexandre Estrela which integrates the exhibition 2012 Odisseia Kubrick. The show is composed by videos and installations by European artists who denote a strong influence from the universe of the director Stanley Kubrick. 

Synopsis: In the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clark described the monolith as having the exact same dimensions as a 16:9 movie screen. In the screen adaptation of the book there are two long periods when the screen appears pitch black; in the beginning and in the intermission. By doing this, Stanley Kubrick emphasized the idea that the monolith was among the spectators, present in the screening room embodied by the screen itself. In 2006 I made a video appropriating these two imageless segments from Kubrick's film. I was interested in the act of reenacting the presence of the monolith by simply projecting the black segments into a wide screen. Circulo Solar revisits the idea of the monolith, shaped by the screen and its black shadow projected on the wall.

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