Arlindo Silva and João Marçal in Intersticial: Diálogos no Espaço entre Acontecimentos II
R. da Fundição, 3700-119 São João da Madeira
Intersticial: Diálogos no espaço entre acontecimentos I e I
"Interstitial: Dialogues in the space between events I and II", curated by Miguel von Hafe Pérez, presents a wide selection of works by Portuguese artists in the Norlinda and José Lima collections. For the first time an exhibition of the collection concentrates on the Portuguese art nucleus that has been built by the collectors in a continuous program of acquisitions from the decade of 1980 until the present. The exhibition brings together some eighty works by fifty artists, including the names of different generations of Portuguese art history: Paula Rego, Ana Vieira, Helena Almeida, Ângelo de Sousa, António Palolo, Fernando Calhau, Joaquim Bravo, Jorge Molder, Julião Sarmento, Rui Chafes, Francisco Tropa, Susanne Themlitz, André Cepeda, João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva, and others to discover.
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