Arlindo Silva featured in MNAA
Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, R. das Janelas Verdes, 1249-017 Lisboa
DO TIRAR POLO NATURAL Inquérito ao retrato português
In this exhibition are gathered around 200 works of art from various institutions and collectors, as well as prestigious international institutions such as the Prado Museum, the Bruges Groeningemuseum, the Galleria Nazionale di Parma or the Musées Royaux des Beaux -Arts de Belgique. Starting from works by Portuguese artists portraying Portuguese characters, an exhibition-essay, an inquiry into the power of portraiture, a reflection on representation and the taking of the natural pole as defined in the sixteenth century by Francisco de Holanda , the first theorist of the European portrait. The exhibition will cross different historical epochs, not resorting to the traditional classifications of styles, categories or genres, proposing rather an assembly determined by a contemporary look at the history of the genre, either in the presentation devices or in the approximation of works that, apparently, would not be predisposed to be confronted.
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