In Conversation: Titania & Hugo
Titania Seidl, the confidences of March (half of a work in progress), 2020 
In Conversation
Titania & Hugo

“I don’t know where I read it but there’s this mirror quality in our brain that some- times provides us the same pleasure looking at art as if we were the ones doing it. I go back to Stalker: art is altruist. I like Donna Haraway’s idea of sympoiesis, of working together. We can do things together even if you are in your studio and I’m in mine. We can embrace and find common forces or exchange in a free way - not being afraid of sharing, taking something from each other.” 
Hugo Canoilas

Quadrado Azul is pleased to share the first of a set of dialogues between its artists. 

The conversation between Hugo Canoilas and Titania Seidl, both quarantining in Vienna, where they live and work, develops around topics such as the epidemic, the problems it poses in the art world, the governments’ response to these problems, the future of art production and reception and a broader role it can play in society in the current crisis scenario. 

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