Premiere of documentary directed by João Botelho about Francisco Tropa e Pedro Tropa
Cinema Ideal, Lisbon, Portugal

The documentary Quatro, directed by the film-maker João Botelho, explores the work of the artists João Queiroz, Jorge Queiroz, Pedro Tropa and Francisco Tropa. It will be exhibit between the January 28th and the February 3rd, at Cinema Ideal, with daily sessions at 7.30 pm, with the presence of the director and the artists. The documentary's premiere was in 2014 at Cinemateca Portuguesa and it integrated, in the same year, the film festival DocLisboa.

"João and Jorge Queiroz. Pedro and Francisco Tropa. Four of the most important contemporary Portuguese artists. Painting, drawing, photography, sculpture. I filmed them working, I filmed their works' creation. Friends, accomplices, different but all of them obsessed with the strange adventure which is the artistic production in this confusing beginning of the 21st century." João Botelho

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