Hugo Canoilas | Living in uncertain times, imagining times of certainty
. View of the Modern Collection. Photo by Pedro Pina. 
#GulbenkianAtHome, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal
Living in uncertain times, imagining times of certainty. What is the role of the museum?

Cycle of conversations - How many Museums are there within a single museum?

May 18 / 6 - 7.20 / Live broadcast

In conversation with Rita Fabiana, Ângela Ferreira, Hugo Canoilas and Horácio Frutuoso.

We live in a moment of considerable uncertainty, yet it is a moment that also offers us an opportunity for deceleration and slowing down. Can this be a driver (accelerator) of transformation, giving us an opportunity to think about a more certain future? What does a certain future mean? And how can these uncertainties and new possibilities, some of them still to be imagined, be conceived and enacted in the context of artistic practices and Museums? How can this uncertain present change the museum, and how can the artistic practices themselves be transformed or become agents of transformation in the museum?

This is perhaps the right time to think about what models the Museum can propose for its relationship with the public and, more particularly, for its relationship with artists and their works. How could this relationship model be changed? What expectations and opportunities do artists have with regard to the Museum? How can we imagine together a museum for more certain times?

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