Isabel Carvalho in Os Ovários das Papoilas
Praça dos Poveiros 56, salas 1&2 4000-393 Porto Portugal
Os Ovários das Papoilas

(…) Poppies are very sensitive wildflowers. Their red tulle skirts, which used to cover the fields, are disappearing. In France, an ecological movement (Nous voulons des coquelicots) warns about this danger. The representation of the shape of the poppy, with an emphasis on its center, is used, in the graphic materials promoting actions of awareness of the eminent environmental catastrophe, as an emblematic symbol of an attentive and vigilant community. The farmers, who are responsible for their disappearance, deny what is an observable fact and dissociate themselves from the relationship between the toxins pulverized in the fields and the diseased reproductive organs, which lead to the sterilization of the poppies. (…)

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