Musa paradisiaca | Ghost of Chance
La Nave Sánchez-Ubiría, Madrid, Spain
Ghost of Chance - A dialogue between Sánchez-Ubiría and António Cachola collections

 Human beings [...] sold [their] soul for time, language, tools, weapons and dominance. And to make sure [they don’t[TG1] ] get out of line, these invaders keep an occupying garrison in [their] nondominant brain hemisphere. How else to explain anything as biologically disadvantageous as a weak hand? They gave with one hand and took back with the other. Fifty-fifty. What could be fairer than that? Almost anything.

William S. Burroughs, Ghost of Chance

The exhibition Ghost of Chance, on display at La Nave, in Madrid, forms a dialogue between the collections of Sánchez-Ubiría and António Cachola, collections which stand out as important examples of collectionism in the Iberian Peninsula. The disciplinary and thematic range, scope and diversity of the two collections made this a complex task, hindered (or perhaps facilitated) even more by my familiar, biographical and emotional relationship with the António Cachola collection, and now also with the Sánchez-Ubiría collection. An exercise of ghost and chance.

Ana Cristina Cachola (curator)

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