Musa paradisiaca | Quadrado Azul
Open-end wrenches, 2018. aluminium. variable dimensions. ©Eurico Melo 
Quadrado Azul
Musa paradisiaca

Musa paradisiaca is now represented by Quadrado Azul.

Musa paradisiaca is an artistic project by Eduardo Guerra (Lisbon, 1986) and Miguel Ferrão (Lisbon, 1986). Founded in 2010, with the presentation of a set of podcasts at www.musaparadisiaca.net, Musa paradisiaca’s practice has been pluralized since. Within either discursive, participatory or in exhibition contexts, Musa paradisiaca can be seen to produce sculptures, films, drawings and performative actions, among others. Through dialogue and the benefits of merging distinct perspectives and competencies, Musa paradisiaca has gathered different entities, practitioners, experts or references, be they collective or individual, with whom they establish an affinity of thinking that shares and reveals many voices. This ongoing process can be seen as an open-ended dialogue that brings together temporary interlocutors, activates longstanding references, benefits from occasional technical expertise, and relies on long-term complicities.

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